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Ryan Doering

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Argument Essay

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The United States government has placed all of our futures in jeopardy through its dependence on, and support of, fossil fuels as the country's primary energy source. These fuels, mainly oil and coal, have been extensively studied, and their negative effects on the environment are well documented. The burning, mining, and refinement of fossil fuels contributes to global warming, air pollution, deforestation, and deadly diseases that afflict humans. Despite the destruction that fossil fuels create, our government has not dedicated itself to the search for safer, cleaner, alternative energy sources. Why have efforts not been made to invest in replacements for the current suppliers of power? Unfortunately, the research that needs to be completed on alternative fuels, and their implementation as the country's main source of energy would require large amounts of money (Knott 32). In addition, individuals and businesses whose wealth and prosperity depend on the consumption of fossil fuels form an extremely powerful political lobby (Alternative). As a result, government funding for alternative fuel research has been inadequate.