Introduction: Even though the development of the recent anti-parasitic drugs has led to a high degree of efficiency, surgical treatment still remains the gold standard for a number of conditions. Material and method. The authors discuss a series of 90 cases in a multicenter and retrospective analysis that stretches over 20 years. Results and discussions. These cases have been diagnosed and treated – through different surgical methods, both classical and laparoscopic – for hepatic hydatid cysts. The paper also presents a short review of the major types of surgical procedures cited in the international literature, with a specific focus on the advantages brought by Romanian innovations in this field. Conclusions. Even though the classical open approach still assumes the first place among surgical procedures, modern laparoscopic techniques have earned a much appreciated place in providing positive results based on long-term assessment, with virtually no or only minor complications. In this regard the Romanian school of surgery has offered a significant contribution to this field.

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