Cutis verticis gyrata is a rare disease characterized by convoluted folds and deep furrows of the scalp, resembling the gyri and sulci of the cerebral cortex. Basal cell carcinoma is the most frequent cancer in Caucasians, patients frequently presenting multiple tumors. We report the case of a 62 year old male, Caucasian patient, from the urban area, who addressed the dermatology department of our hospital for multiple tumors located on the face and upper trunk. A careful examination revealed cerebriform folding of the skin of the scalp. Neurological, psychological, ophthalmological and endocrine disorders were disproven. The patient was diagnosed with cutis verticis gyrata based on the clinical picture and anamnesis, and basal cell carcinoma based on the histopathological examination. Since cutis verticis gyrata predated the BCCs by four decades, and no other conditions were associated, the patient was diagnosed with primary essential cutis verticis gyrata.

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