Psychological dependence involves a desire to use a drug to avoid the unpleasant withdrawal syndrome that results from cessation of exposure to it. Alcohol withdrawal syndrome is one of the most feared complications of alcohol addiction and sometimes can be fatal if not treated properly. Withdrawal syndrome is characterized by neurological hyperexcitability, which can lead to severe psychological and neurological symptoms. A survey was conceived in order to monitor the efficiency of several drug associations (Clonidine, Midazolam, IV ethanol), which were administered at the beginning of intensive therapy admission of achohol addicts. By comparing the postoperative evolution parameters and complications incidences for these patients (such as the hospitalization duration in AIT department, the tracheobronchitis incidence, complications as sepsis, pneumonia and cardiac complications), we managed to determine which treatment is the most beneficial for these cases. Benzodiazepines are frequently used for pharmacological therapy of alcohol addicted patients. In our study Midazolam was very efficient, compared to other therapies. When administered for a maximum of 7 days, the inccidence of side effects remains minimal.

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