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When a governor of a State defies the Supreme Court of the nation and in open rebellion uses State troops to thwart the purposes of the law, newspapers, magazines, the radio, and every other means of communication are used to bring his unpatriotic and disturbing action to the attention of the nation. But it doesn't stop here. Mr. Paul Simon, a member of the General Assembly of the State of Illinois, was traveling in the Near East at the time of the Little Rock episode. As he came down into the lobby of his hotel in Istanbul the morning after Governor Faubus had perpetrated his deed of anarchy, Mr. Simon's Turkish guide translated into English the morning newspaper headline about the Governor of Arkansas. Shortly thereafter, while the Governor's defiance of the authority of the Federal Government continued, Mr. Simon was in Beirut, Lebanon. There too he had an experience similar to the one he had in Istanbul: the headlines of the Beirut paper made known to the people of that far away land what the Governor of Arkansas was doing to nine Negro children of Little Rock and to human justice and the integrity of our nation.