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Though the sole purpose of The VANGUARD is to discuss race relations from the Christian viewpoint, its writers think more in terms of race relations in the North than in the South. Perhaps this is due in part to the fact that almost all articles appearing in this publication are written by men from the North. Another reason is that they realize the present-day race problem is not a provincial one, not even peculiar to the United States; it is a world issue. An honest and objective study of what has been published in this paper will reveal that examples of race relations, good or bad, that have been cited are not primarily from south of Mason and Dixon's line. The VANGUARD writers are watching very closely what is happening north of that line because they know that the battle against ungodly racism will, in the future, no doubt have to be fought primarily in the North (and West), in the great metropolitan centers of these areas and where our large, well-established down-town churches are. What happens in the South is, according to The VANGUARD's approach, a part of the pattern as a whole, but only a part of it. It is in this framework of thought that the present article too is being published.