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In this paper, the winter habits of 123 species of Carabidae from southern Quebec are given.

from 1961 to 1973, I have studied in the field the winter habits of many species of carabid beetles from southern Quebec. All insects were represented in the adult stage and were motionless. Some species of the genera Agonum, Brachinus, Calathus, Chlaenius, and Pterostichus appeared to be gregarious in hibernation. In one instance, I was surprised to observe different species congregated even with wood-lice in a living "ball". Small carabid beetles prefer hibernating at the surface of the soil while larger ones may burrow down to twenty inches. According to my experience, these insects quit their summer habitats for winter quarters situated at a few feet to a hundred feet away. Then, they often choose higher, dryer and preferably sandy areas. In fact, any mound near their summer habitats is a favorite shelter.

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