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(excerpt) In many instances multiple copies of identical insect labels are needed, either with or without blank spaces, for the purpose of placing collection or determination data with a specimen. One of several ways to produce acceptable insect labels is through the photo-reduction of typewritten copy. Compared to type setting, followed by press printing, this method provides greater flexibility, and often quicker results, especially when labels are needed only in relatively small quantities; also, it may be less expensive than press printing. However, the typing of full sheets of photo-ready copy is a tedious and time consuming process. If one has ready access to an electronic computer, with print-out on paper, this typewriting step may be obviated. The photo-ready copy is printed by the computer under direction of a suitable program which also contains the text needed for a particular label. Such a program, written in FORTRAN language, is presented here along with comments on its adaptation to specific needs.

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