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Four planthopper species– Aethodelphax aetocephalus (Beamer 1948), Bakerella cinerea Beamer, 1945, Bakerella minuta Beamer, 1950, and Pissonotus aphidioides Van Duzee, 1897 – are newly recorded from Illinois based on collections obtained in the summers of 2005 and 2022. Specimens were collected via net-sweeping and vacuuming of herbaceous vegetation and identified using external morphology and male genitalia morphology. Locality and collection data for each species are summarized; and relevant taxonomic and ecological information for each species is provided. Photographs of pinned specimens and male genital capsules are also provided. These new records reveal apparently disjunct populations of A. aetocephalus and B. minuta, both of which were previously only observed in southern states. Specimens of both species collected in Illinois slightly differ morphologically from representatives of southern populations, suggesting that the Illinois populations may be genetically distinct from previously recorded populations.



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