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157 state records for 133 heteropteran species in 99 genera in 33 different families from 40 states are newly-reported based on material housed in the Illinois Natural History Survey Insect Collection. Families represented by new records include Acanthosomatidae, Alydidae, Anthocoridae, Aradidae, Blissidae, Belostomatidae, Coreidae, Corixidae, Cymidae, Gelastocoridae, Geocoridae, Hebridae, Hydrometridae, Largidae, Lasiochilidae, Lygaeidae, Mesoveliidae, Miridae, Nabidae, Naucoridae, Nepidae, Notonectidae, Piesmatidae, Pleidae, Reduviidae, Rhopalidae, Rhyparochromidae, Saldidae, Schizopteridae, Scutelleridae, Thyreocoridae, Tingidae, and Veliidae, and the following 9 records represent new family records: Acanthosomatidae (West Virginia), Cymidae (Kentucky), Hebridae (Tennessee), Lygaeidae (Delaware), Naucoridae (Georgia), Piesmatidae (Mississippi, North Dakota), Pleidae (North Dakota), and Schizopteridae (Illinois) are reported for the first time. An updated and annotated distribution within the United States and Canada is included for each species. Corroborative distributional notes are additionally included for four species.

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