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Ten species of bark- and wood-infesting Coleoptera (borers) and five parasitoid species (Hymenoptera) were reared from shagbark hickory (Carya ovata) branches 1-2 years after tree death, and similarly, seven borers and eight parasitoids were reared from slippery elm (Ulmus rubra) branches one year after tree death in Ingham County, Michigan, in 1986-87. The borers were species of bostrichids, buprestids, cerambycids, and curculionids (including Scolytinae). The parasitoids were braconids, chalcidids, eurytomids, ichneumonids, and pteromalids. One new larval host record was recorded: the cerambycid Urgleptes querci (Fitch), being reared from U. rubra. This paper presents new Michigan state records for the eurytomids Eurytoma conica Provancher and Eurytoma phloeotribi Ashmead, the ichneumonid Xorides humeralis (Say), and pteromalid Cheiropachus quadrum (Fabricius). At the same field site where the above rearings occurred, when newly cut shagbark hickory branches were placed on the ground and at two canopy levels in a healthy hickory tree in May 1986 and then collected 11 months later in April 1987 and placed in rearing cages, borers (two species) and parasitoids (four species) were reared from the branches that had been suspended in the canopy, but none emerged from the branches that had been on the ground, suggesting vertical stratification of both borers and parasitoids.

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