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Ten caddisfly species are reported from Michigan for the first time, including 5 in the family Limnephilidae (Limnephilus femoralis, L. thorus, Pycnopsyche aglona, P. circularis, and P. limbata), 2 in the Polycentropodidae (Cernotina pallida and Holocentropus glacialis), 1 in the Hydroptilidae (Hydroptila fiskei), 1 in the Leptoceridae (Triaenodes perna), and 1 in the Rhyacophilidae (Rhyacophila angelita). An additional 5 unique species, including several not seen in Michigan for over 70 years, are confirmed to be extant in the state, most notably Plectrocnemia sabulosa, Michigan’s only known endemic caddisfly. The state is now known to contain 305 caddisfly species.

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