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Silvanidae species recorded in association with imported commodities, at United States ports-of-entry, have not been comprehensively studied. The present study examines the species of beetles of the family Silvanidae intercepted during agricultural quarantine inspections at the International Falls, MN port-of-entry. A total of 244 beetles representing two subfamilies, three genera, and four species of Silvanidae were collected between June 2016 and June 2017. Taxa were associated with 13 imported commodities and recorded from seven countries of origin. A substantial proportion (97.4%) of the records included Silvanus lewisi Reitter and Ahasverus advena (Waltl), two cosmopolitan species associated with dried stored products and various imported commodities. Both Psammoecus simonis Grouvelle and an undetermined species of the genus Psammoecus (sp. 01) were intercepted on a single occasion.

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