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This part concludes the Neuroptera-Suborder Planipennia of Wisconsin. In Parts I and I1 (Throne 1971a, b) no keys to the species were included because satisfactory keys were readily available. However, keys are included in Part 111 either because satisfactory keys are not available or because simpler keys than those available prove adequate for the few Wisconsin species. Whenever possible I have used macroscopic structural characters. In order to separate two species of Coniopterygidae I found it necessary to use male genitalic characters. I have made free use of the keys of Dr. Martin Meinander (1972) in constructing the key for the genera and species of Wisconsin dustywings.

With the exception of the Coniopterygidae which have been ably documented by Dr. Meinander, I am able to find but few recent distribution records for the species of the families here considered.

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