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(excerpt) Trembling aspen, Populus tremuloides Michaux, and bigtooth aspen, P. grandidentata Michaux, are hosts of numerous species of injurious insects and microorganisms (Harrison 1959). Only a few of those organisms, however, are directly responsible for mortality of healthy trees. The fungus Hypoxylon pruinatum (Klotzsche) Cke. is most important in that respect, killing 1-2%o f the standing volume annually in the Lake States (Anderson 1964). It invades and spreads in cambial tissue, killing it and eventually the branch or stem by girdling. Initially, a canker appears as a sunken, yellowish-orange area in the bark (Anderson 1956). In a later stage the outer bark raises in blister-like patches and sloughs off exposing blackened, crumbling cortex.

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