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At least four species of Old World Tettigoniidae are known to have been introduced into, and to have become established in the United States. One of these, Phaneroptera quadripunctata Brunner was first taken at Niles, California in 1932 and was reported by Strohecker (1952). The other three have been taken during the past two decades. Strohecker (1955) recorded Platycleis tessellata (Charpentier) from a specimen captured at Placemille, California in 1951, Urquart and Beaudry (1953) recorded Metrioptera roeseli (Hagenbach) as occurring at Ville Saint-Laurent and at Montrdal, Qudbec, Canada in 1952, and Gurney (1960) stated that the first specimens of Meconema thalassinum (De Geer) were taken at Little Neck, Long Island in 1959. All four of these species are established and the last three have been extending their ranges. (Kevan, 1961; Rentz, 1963; Johnstone, 1970). M. roeseli has moved the farthest, it is found widely distributed in Qudbec and New York, and is believed to occur in Vermont, Pennsylvania and Eastern Ontario (Vickery, 1965; Vickery and Kevan, 1967).

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