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The larvae of Saperda inornata Say and Oberea schaumii LeConte inhabit the stems of trembling aspen (Populus tremuloides Michaux) root suckers and the twigs of larger trees. Nord et al. (1972a, 1972b) reported the biologies of these species in Upper Michigan and northern Wisconsin. S. inornata has a one or two year life cycle, probably depending on how early the egg is laid. Most (77.5%) 0. schaumii develop in three years while 5.0% require only two years and 17.5% require four years to develop.

Knight (1963) described the distribution of galleries made by S. inornata and 0. schaumii in the crowns of large trembling aspen, P. tremuloides, in Upper Michigan. Similar distribution data were gathered from 180 large trembling aspen felled in a survey designed to determine the relative abundance of S. inornata and 0. schaumii in stands of different site quality (Nord and Knight 1972b). The analysis of that distribution data and comparisons with that of Knight (1963) are presented here. Inter- and intra-specific competition in light of the results and other behavioral information are discussed.

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