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Our knowledge of the nearctic Stenus-fauna is very poor. The main work on the Steninae has been done at the end of the last century by the well-known coleopterist Th. L. Casey who is known for his peculiar systematic methods. He published the "Revision of the Stenini of America North of Mexico.. ." (Philadelphia, 1884), in which he described about 80% of the known species from North America.

Last year I had the opportunity to revise all the types of the Casey Collection in the U.S. National Museum, Washington, D.C. and found numerous synonyms which wiU be published in other papers.

Recently I received fresh Stenus material from Michigan collected by Father Carlo Brivio, Maryglade College, Memphis, Michigan. These specimens are the subject of this article.

My best thanks are due to Dr. Brivio for the loan of the interesting material and for donating specimens to my collection.

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