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From 2009–2012, we conducted surveys with Lindgren funnel traps for native and non-native bark and ambrosia beetles (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) in northeastern Illinois. During this study, we collected a total of 10,194 bark and ambrosia beetles representing 50 species in 28 genera. Ten scolytine species not previously reported to occur in Illinois were collected during this survey. Three of these new records are species not native to North America, including Cyclorhipidion bodoanum (Reitter), Cyclorhipidion pelliculosum (Eichhoff), and Hylastinus obscurus (Marsham). Native species reported from Illinois for the first time include: Anisandrus obesus (LeConte), Dryocoetes autographus (Ratzeburg), Hylocurus spadix Blackman, Pityophthorus cariniceps LeConte, Pityophthorus puberulus (LeConte), Pseudothysanoes lecontei Blackman, and Xyleborinus gracilis (Eichhoff). The results presented here will update and improve the somewhat limited information regarding the overall bark and ambrosia beetle community in northeastern Illinois.

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