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Numerous research studies have focused on the development of effective traps for surveying and monitoring for emerald ash borer, Agrilus planipennis (Fairmaire) (Coleoptera: Buprestidae), since it was discovered in North America. However, little attention has been placed on developing effective traps for monitoring and surveying other Agrilus and Buprestidae. In 2009–2011, we conducted several studies to test the attractiveness of different trap colors and types of sticky traps to Agrilus and other Buprestidae. We found green (peak reflectance: 530–536 nm, 57.6%) sticky traps that consisted of custom colored corrugated plastic, and were coated with insect trapping glue to be the most effective traps for capturing the most Agrilus individuals and species. These same green traps were also effective at capturing other buprestid genera, with the exception of Chrysobothris which were most attracted to purple sticky traps. In 2012, we conducted a study to compare the three most effective sticky traps from our 2009–2011 studies along with black and green (530 nm, 57% reflectance) multifunnel traps for capturing Agrilus and other Buprestidae. Overall, we found CoroplastTM green sticky traps to be the most effective traps for capturing the most Agrilus individuals. Green multifunnel traps captured more buprestids compared to black multifunnel traps. In addition, green multifunnel traps captured the most Agrilus species.

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