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Egg parasitoids were reared from a population of Aeshna tuberculifera (Odonata: Aeshnidae) in the Kingston Lake area of Alger County, Michigan, from 1983-2005. Leaves of Iris versicolor were repeatedly used for oviposition during the period of observation, with the result that just a few leaves were targeted by different females. Seven species of parasitic Hymenoptera were reared from 1688 eggs. The cumulative rate of parasitization over the course of the study was 18.4%. Three species of parasitoids were responsible for approximately 96% of the parasitized eggs: Aprostocetus (Ootetrastichus) mymaridis Girault (Eulophidae) (41%); and the Mymaridae Polynema nr. needhami (34%) and Anagrus subfuscus Förster (21%).

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