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Collections of aquatic invertebrates from the Grand Portage Indian Reservation (Cook County, Minnesota) during 2001 – 2012 resulted in 9 families, 43 genera and 112 species of aquatic and semiaquatic Coleoptera. The Dytiscidae had the most species (53), followed by Hydrophilidae (20), Gyrinidae (14), Haliplidae (8), Chrysomelidae (7), Elmidae (3) and Curculionidae (5). The families Helodidae and Heteroceridae were each represented by a single species. Seventy seven percent of species were considered rare or uncommon (1 - 10 records), twenty percent common (11 - 100 records) and only three percent abundant (more than 100 records). Sixty nine percent of species were collected at only 1 or 2 habitat types, twenty two percent at 3 - 5 and only nine percent at 6 - 10 habitats types. Haliplus leopardus Roberts (Halipidae), Hydrocolus stagnalis (G. and H.) (Dytiscidae), and Hygrotus falli (Wallis) (Dytiscidae) were recorded for the first time from Minnesota. The Dytiscids Acilius mediatus (Say) ( Dytiscus alaskanus J. Balfour-Browne, Graphoderus fasciollis (Harris), Hydaticus piceus LeConte and Neoscutopterus hornii (Crotch) were recorded for the first time from the northeastern portion of the state.

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