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We provide town data for the Pentatomidae in Connecticut. Although this state has been much collected, most sampling has been limited to only a few lo- cations. Species newly recorded for Connecticut are: Halyomorpha halys (Stål), Hymenarcys nervosa (Say), Banasa euchlora Stål, B. sordida (Uhler), and Perillus bioculatus (Fabricius). Podisus neglectus (Westwood) may occur in the state. Other species found in neighboring states may eventually be found in Connecticut: Picromerus bidens (Linnaeus), Rhacognathus americanus Stål, Mcphersonarcys aequalis (Say), Thyanta custator custator (Fabricius), T. custator acerra McAtee, and Amaurochrous brevitylus (Barber and Sailer). We briefly analyze these data, recognizing some faunal elements. More collecting needs to be conducted in the state, so that distribution patterns outlined here can be more broadly understood, and so that species of potential conservation concern can be identified.

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