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The Pentatomoidea fauna for North Dakota is documented. There are 62 species of Pentatomoidea known from North Dakota: Acanthosomatidae (2), Cydnidae (4), Pentatomidae: Asopinae (9), Pentatomidae: Pentatominae (34), Pentatomidae: Podopinae (2), Scutelleridae (6), and Thyreocoridae (5). Of this total, 36 represent new state records for North Dakota. Additionally, 16 new state records are reported for Minnesota, and one new state record each for South Dakota, Texas, and Utah. The new state records for North Dakota are: Acanthosomatidae: Elasmostethus cruciatus (Say), Elasmucha lateralis (Say); Cydnidae: Amnestus pusillus Uhler, Amnestus spinifrons (Say), Microporus obliquus Uhler; Pentatomidae (Asopinae): Perillus exaptus (Say), Podisus brevispinus Phillips, Podisus maculiventris (Say), Podisus placidus Uhler, Podisus serieventris Uhler; Pentatomidae (Pentatominae): Aelia americana Dallas, Neottiglossa sulcifrons Stål, Euschistus ictericus (Linnaeus), Euschistus latimarginatus Zimmer, Euschistus variolarius (Palisot de Beauvois), Holcostethus macdonaldi Rider and Rolston, Menecles insertus (Say), Mormidea lugens (Fabricius), Trichopepla atricornis Stål, Parabrochymena arborea (Say), Mecidea minor Ruckes, Chinavia hilaris (Say), Chlorochroa belfragii (Stål), Chlorochroa ligata (Say), Chlorochroa viridicata (Walker), Tepa brevis (Van Duzee), Banasa euchlora Stål, Murgantia histrionica (Hahn); Pentatomidae (Podopinae): Amaurochrous brevitylus Barber and Sailer, Amaurochrous cinctipes (Say); Scutelleridae: Phimodera binotata (Say), Vanduzeeina borealis Van Duzee, Acantholomidea denticulata (Stål), Homaemus bijugis Uhler; and Thyreocoridae: Corimelaena lateralis (Fabricius), Galgupha ovalis Hussey. New state records for Minnesota are: Acanthosomatidae: E. cruciatus; Cydnidae: Amnestus pallidus Zimmer, A. pusillus, M. obliquus; Pentatomidae (Asopinae): P. placidus; Pentatomidae (Pentatominae): A. americana, N. sulcifrons, E. ictericus, E. latimarginatus, Holcostethus abbreviatus Uhler, Holcostethus limbolarius (Stål), M. insertus, M. lugens, T. atricornis, C. belfragii; and Scutelleridae: V. borealis. B. euchlora is recorded from South Dakota for the first time, and E. latimarginatus is reported from Texas and Utah for the first time. Keys are provided for the identification of all included taxa.

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