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The genus Sphyrocoris is reviewed and found to contain a single species, S. obliquus (Germar, 1839). The following taxa are new junior synonyms of S. obliquus: Homaemus punctellus Stål, 1862; Sphyrocoris elongatus Distant, 1880; Sphyrocoris punctellus nigricans Kirkaldy, 1909; Sphyrocoris punctellus pallidomaculata Kirkaldy, 1909; and Sphyrocoris punctellus sanguineoconspersa Kirkaldy, 1909. Lectotypes are designated for H. punctellus, S. punctellus nigricans, S. punctellus pallidomaculata, and S. punctellus sanguineoconspersa.

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