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The eastern larch beetle, Dendroctonus simplex LeConte (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae), is a native bark beetle that has caused significant mortality to tamarack, Larix laricinia, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The effectiveness of potentially attractive chemicals for D. simplex was tested and the most attractive compound, seudenol, was used in subsequent studies to test interruptants against D. simplex. Verbenone, methylcyclohexenone (MCH), and 4-allylanisole were tested as potential interruptants in combination with seudenol. Catches of D. simplex in traps baited with seudenol and MCH were not significantly different from catches in unbaited control traps, indicating successful interruption of the response to seudenol by MCH. Verbenone released at commercially available doses significantly increased catches of D. simplex in traps baited with seudenol, however it did not catch significantly more D. simplex than the unbaited control traps when released alone. Traps baited with 4-allylanisole did not significantly reduce the number of D. simplex captured compared to traps baited solely with seudenol. The potential for MCH to be used to protect individual trees and in stand level management of D. simplex is discussed.

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