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Habitat associations of size-selected (≥ 5 mm length) rove beetles (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae), hereafter referred to as “macro-staphylinids,” were studied in west-central Illinois forest and prairie habitats in 2005 using pitfall traps. Habitats sampled included oak-hickory forest last burned in spring 2004, oak-hickory forest burned in spring 2005, oak-hickory forest unburned for 5+ years, unburned early successional forest, reconstructed prairie last burned in spring 2004, and reconstructed prairie burned in spring 2005. A total of 361 macrostaphylinids, representing 12 species, were collected, with Philonthus caerulipennis (Mannerheim), Platydracus maculosus (Gravenhorst), Platydracus fossator Gravenhorst, Platydracus zonatus (Gravenhorst), and Tachinus fimbriatus Gravenhorst comprising 94% of all macro-staphylinids collected. Fewest numbers of macro-staphylinids were collected in prairie habitats, particularly the prairie burned in spring 2005. A multi-response permutation procedure revealed significant variation in species composition among habitats, with relatively large differences between burned and unburned forest habitats and between forest and prairie habitats. Within-habitat variation in species composition was relatively high in the prairie and recently burned forest habitats. Indicator species analysis revealed a significant association of Philonthus asper Horn with the early successional forest, and four species had relatively high indicator values for multiple forest habitats, with fire playing a potentially important role in some cases. More intensive sampling and larger sample sizes are needed to clarify these potential habitat associations.

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