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Excerpt: The history of pure entomology in Spain begins during the Eighteenth Century and continues until today with emphasis upon systematics. The reasons for this are several, but chief among them must be mentioned the extraordinary richness and diversity of the Iberian entomological fauna. This peninsula was a landbridge that in earlier geological times linked Europe and Africa. It is highly zoned and stratified, and supports a variety of faunal elements including European, Mediterranean, African, Atlantic and indigenous. This rich fauna, together with a paucity of skilled entomologists, has resulted in insufficient study of Iberian insects. Except for the Orthoptera, and possibly one or two other groups, our insect fauna is still in the alpha taxonomic status, with the consequence that it is generally not feasible to carry out the comparative anatomical, ecological, physiological, or behavioral studies that can be accomplished in countries with either a better-known fauna or with a poorer one.

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