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No one to date has published on the Neuroptera of Wisconsin. The only comprchensive report dealing with the group in a neighboring state is the one by Parfin (1952) for Minnesota. I have collected Neuroptera in Wisconsin in a desultory manner from 1922 to 1957 and from then to the present datc methodically and much more extensively. I have worked in all 72 countries of the state, some in only a few places but in a number of counties spaced throughout the state, in many places and at many times. With more collecting other species may be found or the distribution of the known species extended but I feel that publication at this time is warranted.

I have examined the collections at the Milwaukee Public Museum, the University of Wisconsin at Madison and several smaller collections in the state. My inquiries concerning Wisconsin specimens in collections outside the state have yielded very meager results.

In my collecting I have kept every neuropteran specimen no matter how damaged it might be and no matter how many duplicates I had. I did this to more accurately get a comparison of the relative abundance of the species and a more accurate figure of the proportion of males and females and of the type of habitat where different species are found.

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