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Excerpt: In a contribution to the Michigan Entomologist by Snider, Shaddy and Butcher (1969), a method of carbon dioxide anaesthesia for some soil arthropods was described as an alternative to etherization which frequently gives rise to unpredictable mortality. They stated (page 359) that "CO, has very little long-range effect on most species."

Anaesthetization by carbon dioxide has been used on various species of Collembola, particularly of the genus Folsomia Willem, 1902, by myself and my associates for about fifteen years. Until recently no ill effects on the cultures, as a result of this treatment, has been observed or suspected.

As part of an investigation into the cause of sudden and fairly frequent sporadic increases in the incidence in our cultures of numerous abnormal specimens, such as those described, for example, in Goto and Ogel (1961), the effect of regular daily anaesthetization with carbon dioxide was examined. Although more extensive experimentation is needed, a brief comment is given here as a warning of possible side effects that might cause serious misinterpretation of quantitative data derived from specimens that have been subjected to carbon dioxide anaesthesia in culture

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