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Excerpt: Felipe Poey (1799-1891) was born in Havana. After receiving his higher education in Europe, he practiced law at the French court, and was a founding member of the Societe Entomologique de France in 1832. In April of that year he began publication of the Centurie, which, as the full title imples, was to contain descriptions and figures of one hundred species of Cuban Lepidoptera. The work was to be issued in fascicles of ten species each, but only two of these "decades" ever appeared, and the Centurie was abandoned after publication of the second fascicle in July. Poey had, however, described eighteen new species. In August he returned to Cuba, having given up the practice of law. His decision was a lucky one for Cuban natural history, for he eventually became director of the Zoological Museum of Havana, and wrote on topics ranging from ichthyology to geology.

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