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Four hundred and sixty five species of butterflies, skippers and moths, collected from 1988 through the summer of 2007, are reported from Cook County, MN. Included are data for three butterfly species of special concern: Lycaeides idas nabokovi Masters, Erebia discoidalis (Kirby) and Oeneis jutta (Hübner). Numbers of species recorded for the following families were: Hesperiidae (14), Papilionidae (2), Pieridae (7), Lycaenidae (14), Nymphalidae (24), Satyridae (6), Danaidae (1), Thyatiridae (4), Drepanidae (3), Geometridae (99), Lasiocampidae (2), Saturniidae (4), Sphingidae (16), Notodontidae (20), Arctiidae (19), Lyman- triidae (5) and Noctuidae (225). Euphydryas phaeton (Drury) (Nymphalidae) is reported for the first time from Cook County, MN and Pontia protodice (Boisduval & LeConte) (Pieridae) and Hyalophora columbia (Smith) (Saturniidae) for the first time from northeastern Minnesota.

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