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Until recently, Iowa’s stonefly fauna was poorly documented. Heimdal et al. (2004) published a comprehensive report on stonefly distributions within the state, reporting seven families and 43 species. Five species, Allocapnia pygmaea (Burmeister) (Capiniidae), Leuctra tenuis (Pictet) (Leuctridae), Amphinemura linda (Ricker) (Nemouridae), Nemoura trispinosa Claassen (Nemouridae), and Soyedina vallicularia (Wu) (Nemouridae), were recommended for state protection because of their limited distribution within Iowa. Four species, Amphinemura delosa (Ricker), Isogenoides doratus (Frison) (Perlodidae), I. krumholzi (Ricker), and I. varians (Walsh), had limited distributions, but were not listed because their observed habitat preferences appeared common or were difficult to sample and poorly collected. From 2004 to 2006, fifteen county, state, and federal parks and preserves in east and northeast Iowa were sampled during the spring and summer in an effort to find additional locations for these nine species. The surveys yielded new distributional data for five species, including two new state records, and one species deletion, updating the total number of species recorded from Iowa to 44. A discussion for these records and corrections is presented below. Material collected from these surveys was deposited in the University of Iowa Hygienic Laboratory Collection (UHL) and the Illinois Natural History Survey Insect Collection (INHS).

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