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Eutarsopolipus elzingai Husband (Tarsonemoidea: Podapolipidae), parasitic on Stenolophus comma (Fabricius) and Stenolophus lecontei (Chaudoir) (Co- leoptera: Carabidae) is reported from southern Canada and the United States from Oregon to Maine and from Michigan to North Carolina. Eutarsopolipus brevichelus Husband and Husband is distributed east of the Rocky Mountains in southern Canada and in the United States from Colorado to Virginia and from Michigan to Louisiana. Crotalomorpha camini Lindquist and Krantz is reported from Kansas and Nebraska east to Massachusetts and from Michigan to Arkansas. Hosts for E. brevichelus and C. camini are S. lecontei and S. comma. Stenolophus fuliginosus (Dejean) is a new host for E. brevichelus in New Brunswick, Canada. S. maculatus (Leconte) in Oregon and S. lineola (Fabricius) in southern California, U.S.A. are newly reported hosts of E. elzingai.

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