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Invertebrates were sampled using pan traps in three paired sets of Typha spp. (cattail) and Phragmites australis (giant reed grass) habitats in Lake Michigan’s Green Bay in June and September 2002. The collection included 34 harvestmen belonging to one species (found at all three sites), and 180 spiders belonging to 25 species in eight families. The two habitats yielded similar numbers of spider taxa, and 16 species were restricted to one of the two habitats. Between 10 and 15 species were found at each site, and only five spider species were collected at all three sites.

Four species appear to be new records for the state of Wisconsin, including the linyphiid spiders Hypomma marxii (Keyserling) and Sitalcus ruralis Bishop & Crosby, and the salticid Synageles noxiosus (Hentz). Of particular interest is the first report from the U.S. Great Lakes region of the clubionid spider Clubiona pallidula (Clerck), a species introduced from Eurasia.

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