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We assessed the inhibitory effects of the host compound 4-allylanisole (release rates = 1 and 2 mg/d in 1994, and 1 and 10 mg/d in 2001) on the response of the pine shoot beetle, Tomicus piniperda (L.), adults to funnel traps baited with the attractant host compound α-pinene (release rate = 150 mg/d) in two pine Christmas tree plantations in Michigan in spring 1994 and two other plantations in spring 2001. In three of the four plantations, all doses of 4- allylanisole significantly reduced T. piniperda attraction to α-pinene-baited traps by 46 to 76%. We also tested the inhibitory effect of the antiaggregation pheromone verbenone (release rates = 2 and 4 mg/d) on T. piniperda attack density on pine bolts (average bolt length was 62 cm and diameter was 19 cm) at three sites (two pine forest stands and one Christmas tree plantation) in Michigan in 1994. Verbenone significantly reduced T. piniperda attack density by 37 to 60% at the two pine stands, but not at the Christmas tree plantation.

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