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While surveying for Odonata in coastal peatlands and associated shoreline areas adjacent to Lake Superior in Wisconsin, we documented populations of two new state record species, the zig-zag darner (Aeshna sitchensis Hagen) and the alkali bluet (Enallagma clausum Morse). We also located a robust population of the state-endangered incurvate emerald (Somatochlora incurvata Walker) at the northwestern edge of the known range of this species. Adults and exuviae of A. sitchensis and S. incurvata were found at an insular fen on Stockton Island, Ashland County, within the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore (AINL). Breeding of both species had occurred in areas of the fen where small pools had dried by summer. Additionally, a single adult male A. sitchensis was collected in the City of Superior in Douglas County. Adult E. clausum were found at two sites: on the Lake Superior beach near the mouth of the Sand River within the AINL in Bayfield County, and along the northeast shore of Allouez Bay in the City of Superior in Douglas County.

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