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We compare the abundance and types of insects captured at several locations, with and without a chemical attractant and in varying weather conditions using two different devices advertised to kill biting insects. Using both an insect electrocutor that uses ultraviolet light as an attractant, with and without octenol as an added attractant, and an insect eliminator that uses carbon dioxide, heat and octenol as attractants, more non-biting than biting insects were captured. Numerous harmless and beneficial insects were killed with electrocutors. Although eliminators were more target-specific, they captured fewer insects overall compared to electrocutors. The numbers and types of insects captured also varied by location and temperature conditions. More insects were killed by electrocutors located next to a lake compared to those located in an inland forested area and more were killed at lower compared to higher heights above the ground. More insects were also killed by electrocutors on warmer than on cooler nights. More non-biting insects were killed with electrocutors baited with octenol than without octenol.

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