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We used pitfall traps to assess ground beetle diversity (Coleoptera:Carabidae) on two islands in the lower Chippewa River, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin, with rapidly expanding populations of reed canary grass, Phalaris arundinaceae. We collected 233 individuals belonging to 17 species over four, 3-9 day sampling periods, May-August 1994. All species have been documented in Wisconsin and most are considered habitat generalists. Agonum fidele, A. extensicolle, Anisodactylus harrisii and Bembidion quadrimaculatum oppositum comprised 70% of all species collected. Seven species were common to both islands, with 13 species collected on Canarygrass Island and 11 species on Ski Jump Island. Carabid species diversity (Shannon’s H=2.01) was greatest on Canarygrass Island.

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