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Tiphia vernalis Rohwer is native to China, Japan, and Korea where it is an external parasite of Popillia spp. (King 1931). It was released into the United States from China and Korea during the mid-1920s through early 30s (Fleming 1968). After it became established in the United States, releases were made from domestic sources beginning in 1931 (King et al. 1951). Tiphia vernalis was released into Ohio sporadically during 1936-1953 (King et al.1951). Tiphia vernalis has been reported parasitizing Popillia spp. (P. quadriguttata (Fabricius) in Korea; P. chinensis (Frivaldsky) and P. formosana (Arrow) in China; and P. japonica Newman in Japan) exclusively in the field (Balock 1934, Fleming 1968). It accepted Anomala (=Exomala) orientalis Waterhouse (oriental beetle) as a host in the laboratory and cocoons were obtained (King et al.1927, Balock 1934), but there are no previously published reports of T. vernalis parasitizing A. orientalis in the field.

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