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A survey of the nonphymatine reduviids of southern Illinois was con­ducted from April 1996 to November 1998. In addition to county distributions, information was collected on times of occurrence of adults and nymphs and associated habitats. These data were supplemented with label information associated with southern Illinois specimens housed in the Southern Illinois University Entomology Collection (SIUEC).

Twenty-five species were collected during this survey. An additional six species housed in the SIUEC were collected previously in southern Illinois but not during the survey. Of the 31 species, nine are state records: Ploiaria hirticornis, Rocconota annulicornis, Sinea complexa, Microtornus purcis, Rasahus hamatus, Saica elkinsi, Oncocephalus geniculatus, Pnirontis languida, and Pnirontis modesta.

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