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Over 80 species of insects are listed as endangered, threatened, or special concern under Michigan's endangered species act. For the majority of these species, detailed habitat information is scant or difficult to interpret. We describe the habitat of five insect species that are considered rare in Michigan: Lepyronia angulifera (Cercopidae), Prosapia ignipectus (Cercopidae), Oarisma poweshiek (Hesperiidae), Calephelis mutica (Riodinidae), and Neonympha mitchellii mitchellii (Satyridae). Populations of each species were only found within a fraction of the plant communities deemed suitable based upon previous literature. Furthermore, individuals of each species were observed to be closely affiliated with just a few vegetation associations within larger plant communities. Restriction of these species to particular microhabitats was determined to be, in part, due to ecological or behavioral specialization of each insect species. We believe that the most holistic man­agement and conservation practices for these rare insects in Michigan should focus on protecting the integrity of both the plant community and the micro- habitat upon which these species depend.

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