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Thirty two light trap collections of 7,797 adult Trichoptera made from 1990-1992, show that the Devil Track River Watershed in northeast Minnesota includes at least 16 families, 41 genera, and 101 species of caddisflies including three new state records: Agyrpnia colorata, Agrypnia obsoleta, and Polycentropus glacialis. The greatest number of species were represented by the families Limnephilidae (21), Leptoceridae (19), Hydroptilidae (13), Polycentropodidae (12), nidae (10), and Hydropsychidae (9). Twenty two species were collected sites and 46 at one or two sites. The greatest number of species (81) was collected from the Devil Track River and Devil Track Lake with fewer (64 and 40) from two sites on Junco Creek. Most species are widely distributed and inhabit cool streams and lakes throughout eastern and northern North America. The high species diversity at all sites and the low number of tolerant species indicate that water quality within the watershed is good to excellent. However, increased water temperature, acidity, and/or organic enrichment could adversely affect at least one third of the Trichoptera species inhabiting the Devil Track River Watershed.

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