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A study was conducted to determine whether Dendroctonus valens and Hylastes porculus could vector their commonly associated fungi to red pine. Field collected adult D. valens transmitted Leptographium terebrantis, Leptographium procerum and Ophiostoma ips into 45%, 30%, and 5%, respectively of the wounded red pine roots onto which they were caged. Field collected H. porculus transmitted L. terebrantis, L. procerum and O. ips into 55%, 40%, and 5%, respectively, of the wounded red pine roots onto which beetles were caged. None of the control roots, which were mechanically wounded only, were found to contain O. ips, whereas only one control root contained L. terebrantis and only one control root contained L. procerum. This work demonstrates that D. valens and H. porculus can vector their associated Leptographium fungi to red pine trees and that these organisms are likely involved in red pine decline disease.

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