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Thirty-four species of Hydroporus s.l. were collected in Wisconsin over the past 32 years, including 20 of Hydroporus s.s., 7 of Neoporus, 4 of Hydroporus oblitus-group, 2 of Heterosternuta, and 1 of Sanfilippodytes. Species keys and notes on identification are provided for adults of species that occur or may occur in Wisconsin. Information on distribution and abundance in Wisconsin, habitat, and life cycle is provided for each species based on a study of 27,310 adults. Life cycles were predominantly univoltine, with adults overwintering and larvae completing development from late spring to late summer, depending on the species. Most adults apparently overwinter in aquatic habitats, but several species of Hydroporus s.s. probably overwinter in terrestrial or ripar­ian habitats.

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