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The larger pine shoot beetle Tomicus piniperda, a native bark beetle of Europe and Asia, was found in North American Christmas tree plantations in 1992 in Ohio. Subsequent surveys found it in six U.S. states and in one Canadian province. The first natural area where Tomicus was found to be established was at the Indiana Dunes State Park, in northwestern Indiana near the Lake Michigan shoreline. Pine stands were surveyed for fallen shoots to determine the extent and range of shoot feeding in the park. Within the study area adult Tomicus fed on the shoots of all native pines (Pinus banksiana, P. resinosa. and P. strobus.), as well as the European species (P. sylvestris). More fallen shoots were collected from both P. resinosa and P. sylvestris than expected from their basal areas in the sampled stands. This contrasted with P. banksiana and P. strobus whose shoots were underrepresented relative to their basal areas. The relatively high numbers of fallen shoots found for P. resinosa suggests that red pines in the Great Lakes region will easily support populations of T. piniperda.

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