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The historical higher classification of the genera Acanthametropus Tshernova, Analetris Edmunds, and Siphluriscus Ulmer is reviewed. The first comprehensive generic description of Siphluriscus is given, and first figures of wings are provided. A cladistic analysis of adult and larval characters of Acanthametropus and Analetris. and adult characters of Siphluriscus reveal a close relationship between the former two genera, which represent a well-defined clade based on five identified synapomorphies; however, Siphluriscus, which has been classified with them in the past, does not share any apomorphies with them but instead shares apomorphies with the genera of Siphlonuridae sensu stricto. Acanthametropus and Analetris are recombined in the family Acanthametropodidae, suppressing Analetrididae; and Siphluriscus is reassigned to the family Siphlonuridae sensu stricto, although taxon rank for both of these clades is still tentative and awaits comparative cladistic analysis of the entire suborder Pisciforma. The relationship to each other of these clades also remains in doubt. Stackelbergisca Tshernova, a fossil genus formerly classified with the three extant genera apparently does not share any of the 11 apomorphies used in this study, and is placed as family incertae within the Pisciforma.

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