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The Marine Blue, Leptotes marina (Reakirt) (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae), is resident from the southwestern United States south through Mexico to Guatemala, with strays reported no further northeast than extreme northwestern Indiana and extreme south-central Ohio (Opler and Krizek 1984, Scott 1986, Shull 1987, Opler and Maliku 11992, Parshall 1993). Although L. marina may be easily overlooked in the field (Iftner, Shuey and Calhoun 1992), the paucity of published records, e.g., two in Illinois (Irwin and Downey 1973), one in Indiana (Shull 1987), and one in Ohio (Parshall 1993), may truly reflect the rarity of strays in the northeastern portion of its range.

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