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Pissodes nemorensis and Pissodes strobi are major pests of pine production in eastern North America. Ethanol-and-turpentine baited traps were used here to monitor weevil populations in a Scotch pine Christmas tree plantation in Wisconsin. Baited pitfall traps were ineffective in trapping either weevil species. However, baited flight traps at 0.8 and 1.6 m above ground effectively captured flying weevils of both species, 70% of which were P. nemoren­sis. Females of both species were more attracted than males to the ethanoll turpentine baits. Significantly more female P. nemorensis and total P. nemorensis were trapped at a height of 0.8 m than 1.6 m. There was no significant difference in male P. nemorensis response to the different heights, nor was there a significant difference in response to trap height by P. strobi.

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