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We studied the epigeal and flight activity of Coleoptera in a commercial raspberry plantation and adjacent sites in southern Quebec, from 1987-1989. In this first paper, we present the results for the Nitidulidae. Pitfall traps yielded 521 beetles representing 15 species; Glischrochilus quadrisignatus represented 86% of catches in raspberry rows (old and young plants), and Epuraea spp. were the most abundant nitidulids in a woods-field boundary and in a pine woods. Nitidulids in flight interception traps comprised 2179 individuals of 28 species; Meligethes nigrescens was the most abundant species in open sites around the raspberry plantation, while Epuraea avara and E. ovata were common in the boundary and pine woods. Species composition in the boundary was quite variable in the relative abundance of species flying either in open sites or in wooded sites. We studied the seasonal activity of Colopterus truncatus, E. avara, E. ovata, G. fasciatus, G. quadrisignatus, M nigrescens, and some other minor species. We suspect that during their mating period, overwintered adults of M nigrescens could playa role in raspberry pollinization.

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